Separation bringing us all together

Newsline’s Tom Payne on showing courage to continue as the country unites by separation 

“It’s the courage to continue that counts.”

It seems rather apt, if not maybe a touch dramatic, to quote a Prime Minister at this time of national crisis.

While I’ve opted for the words of Winston Churchill rather than Boris Johnson, I think that line sums up a lot of feelings across the UK, and world, rather well.

The courage to continue. That’s what it’s about, isn’t it? In whatever walk of life, everyone must now show the courage to continue as much as possible in this time of lockdown and social distancing.

In such strange, surreal times, the very definition of courage will vary wildly.

For some who may be experiencing anxiety around the new normal we find ourselves plunged into, simply getting up and getting dressed in the morning is a positive step.

For others, those heroes of the NHS on the front line of this epidemic, courage takes on a whole different meaning and, to them, the nation can never show enough gratitude.

Likewise, for those who have lost loved ones to this disease, courage could, and would, never be underestimated.

There are also many in the middle of those extremes, of course. The parents juggling home-schooling with a much-changed nine-to-five, the drivers keeping the nation’s wheels turning and the office workers who have turned kitchens, dining rooms and spare bedrooms into makeshift workplaces to continue doing their jobs.

That’s what we have done at Newsline. This crisis has hit us as much as any other business, but we have swiftly adapted to remote working and, being a dedicated and hard-working team, are still pulling out all the stops to keep delivering for our clients across the UK and Europe.

What can we deliver though, you may be asking. At a time of a worldwide emergency, what can a PR agency do for its clients?

The answer is plenty! We are all, quite rightly, being deluged by coverage of Coronavirus. It’s of huge national importance to have the very latest news about this situation at our fingertips. Indeed, my wife is a BBC reporter who is classed as a key worker to be able to deliver daily updates.

However, we cannot and will not survive purely on a relentless diet of COVID-19 news. This situation won’t be over at the end of the week. Life will not return to normal in a fortnight. We’re all in it for a little while yet.

So that is why we are – sensitively and appropriately – working with all of our clients to continue being proactive, carry on putting out the right sort of press releases, blogs and social media posts, and supporting our network of businesses as much as possible.

These are worrying times, no more so than for those directly affected by Coronavirus.

But we must come together via separation. By staying at home and showing the courage to carry on, however that may look, we are doing our bit.

That’s all the team at Newsline wants to do – its bit. Stay safe and keep well.