We find a big part of advising clients on social media use is just making it simple to understand, rather than talking in jargon and making it out to be some form of black magic.

We always try to impress the importance of striking an 80/20 balance between engaging content and selling products. The more time you spend letting your audience know about the people behind your success and the good work they’re doing, the more receptive they will be to posts about their products and services.

We call it the ‘people like us’ principal. In short, your audience will respond to people they know or identify with, and act as online advocates for the brand those people represent. It breaks down barriers, adding a human face to a brand beyond logos, mission statements and the like.

This simple but effective Facebook post we created for our client Cherrydown Vets is one example of content which isn’t directly selling anything, but creates a positive buzz and chatter and plenty of positive feedback.

Adding value

Social media is about so much more than selling a product. It adds value to your brand in many different ways…

  • It can add personality to a company and engage people with your cause
  • It provides staff with the opportunity to share in their own success and be proud of who they work for
  • It gives companies a publishing platform of their own, to talk directly to their customers without the need for traditional media. Everyone representing a brand has a video camera in their pocket and the ability to talk to their customers on a level they understand, on devices they use every day
  • It can be used to promote corporate social responsibility – for example, highlighting staff development schemes or fundraising work for a partner charity
  • It can be used to ‘trend-hop’ and post contextual content about a prominent subject or news angle

Trends change like the wind in the world of social media, but the need for good, engaging content isn’t going anywhere.