Police Commissioner

In 2016, Newsline was appointed to manage the campaign of David Whitehouse, the independent candidate for Warwickshire PCC.

The project saw Newsline take a multi-channel approach to reaching the people of Warwickshire in preparation for the big vote. This included managing everything from social media channels, press relations and the design of all campaign collateral.

Newsline was responsible for designing everything from the campaign website to the leaflets that would eventually be posted through more that 130,000 letterboxes throughout the county.

Everything which was designed was bright and modern, ensuring people could access all the information they needed about the campaign easily. The website was also designed to work flawlessly across all platforms so voters could keep up-to-date on the campaign on the go. The fact Newsline had complete control over the design of all collateral meant everything produced was kept consistent and professional looking throughout the project.