Leading LED strip lighting manufacturer Maxilux has created a bespoke, digital, addressable light strip system to enable the remote control of an impressive clock at City University of London.

The two-metre wide installation, which is part of a multi-million pound project to provide an inspiring environment for students and academics, is sunken into the floor and can be set to 24hr, red or white displays, as well as set to turn on / off at certain times.

To enable these functions and meet the client’s requirements, Maxilux had to design customised software with an in-built, real-time clock, in order to programme the digital strip.

Will Cockayne, creative director at Maxilux, said: “This project had some very special challenges – not only in the design and manufacture of the hardware and software, but also because the installation itself was some 17 metres from the power supply, which meant there was the potential for issues with reliable data transmission.

“The challenge with this clock was not only that it needed a versatile control system to enable the four functions, but that its floor setting also required the ability to control it remotely.

“We produced a 3D printed control box, LCD display and remote control receiver, to ensure the functions could be switched between easily and efficiently.”

The clock is situated in the new entrance of the university, which has been designed to improve flow around the university and provide an impressive arrival point.

The new building was opened by Princess Anne at the end of March.