An IT solutions firm forced to leave Windows updates running overnight due to slow internet has seen its business transformed thanks to the introduction of superfast broadband by WarwickNet.

Leap IT, which is based in Hockley Court, Solihull, provides IT systems and support to more than 200 businesses across the West Midlands.

However, staff were forced to leave their own PCs, along with customers’ equipment, running overnight due to the slow internet speeds they were dealing with.

After signing up for an uncontended Premium Internet Access product with Midlands-based WarwickNet, business has been transformed for Leap IT, with fast, reliable and cost-effective internet boosting productivity.

Stuart Watson, Leap IT managing director, said: “When we first relocated from Redditch to Hockley Court a lot of the units here were empty so we were one of the first businesses really affected.

“We knew the internet was slow before we moved and thought we might need to install an expensive BT leased line, especially with the VoIP phone system we had.

“At one point we could only have a couple of people on the phone at any one time. Bearing in mind we receive about 40 support calls a day and more than 60 calls overall, it was absolutely crippling us. Monday mornings, in particular, when businesses returned from the weekend and had various system problems, were hard to manage.

“It’s no exaggeration to say the upgraded connection from WarwickNet has transformed the way we are able to work – we now function as a business should, with fast broadband and clear phone lines.

WarwickNet senior business development manager Mark Hitchcock said: “When we initially spoke to Stuart it was clear his business wasn’t as productive as it should be, solely due to the slow internet connection around Hockley Court.

“We’re delighted the implementation has solved their phone systems and other issues which no company in this day and age should have to deal with – let alone an award-winning IT solutions firm.”

The services offered at Hockley Court now include business broadband, leased lines, Premium Internet Access, MPLS, VoIP and online backup, delivered by fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) and fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) technologies.

To find out more about connectivity options at Hockley Court, and for more on WarwickNet, visit