The head of Solihull Junior School has visited Sri Lanka to see first-hand the results of their fundraising efforts which took place earlier in the year.

Raising more than £8,500 for Assist Resettlement & Renaissance (Assist RR) during the junior school’s activity week in the last academic year, the charity used the funds to perform a total of 400 cataract operations across a number of clinics – the latest of which were at a specially created eye clinic ‘surgery camp’ in Mulaithivu.

Dr Velautham Sarveswaran, chairman at Assist RR, arranged for 100 surgeries to take place at the camp, with several of the operations taking place in conjunction with Vision 2020 and Mullaithivu General Hospital.

Many of the surgeries were witnessed by head of the junior school, Mark Penney. He said: “Our junior school students worked incredibly hard to raise funds for this much-needed project and it’s a privilege to be able to witness these operations first-hand, and to talk with patients about the benefits of having their sight restored. Most of them were just desperate to get back to work so they could earn some money to support themselves and their families.

“As part of our time in Sri Lanka, my family and I were also lucky enough to be able to visit Veenavil Primary School at Puthukudiyiruppu, and Mullivaikal West Junior High School, which we helped to rebuild back in 2013. It was fantastic to be able to meet the children there and see the classrooms our school funded being put to such good use.”

Dr Sarveswaran added: “I would like to express my gratitude to Solihull Junior School for its donations, and thank Dr Dias Jeyasiri who selflessly conducted the surgeries and ensured that the camp was a successful one.”