Internet Service Provider (ISP) WarwickNet is set to provide improved broadband connectivity for more Leicestershire businesses by extending its reach at Bardon Industrial Estate.

Following the successful installation of its first fibre-enabled cabinet in March 2015, WarwickNet has now invested in a second cabinet thanks to increased demand. Located on Beveridge Lane, this new point-of-presence has just gone live, bringing superfast broadband services to nearly 100 businesses at the Coalville site.

Ben King, CEO at WarwickNet, said: “We have already connected a number of Leicestershire business parks and we are looking forward to being able to provide business-grade broadband for even more struggling organisations.

“We’ve worked alongside North West Leicestershire District Council to ensure that businesses receive a dependable service which will see all organisations gain access to the connectivity which they need to grow, and will help boost the area’s economy.”

Services available at Bardon Industrial Estate include Fibre to the Cabinet with download speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s, uncontended leased lines, and premium internet access with unlimited data transfer allowance.

One business currently benefitting from WarwickNet’s service is franchise specialist, The Bardon Group. Currently a user of the ISP’s standard VDSL business broadband package, the organisation hopes to further expand its capacity and move its server onto the cloud.

Chris Masters, head of operations at The Bardon Group, said: “Since switching our connectivity provider to WarwickNet (about 18 months ago), our internet speeds have increased 10-fold which has allowed us to improve efficiency in every department.

“Prior to switching, we often felt we were stuck in a broadband black hole but now we have been able to enhance communications with our clients through VoIP and video conferencing – options which were simply not possible before.

“In the digital age, the ability to communicate across multiple platforms is extremely important and I am confident that upgrading to Premium Internet Access will open even more doors for the business.”

In order to reduce the often lengthy process of installing a second cabinet at the business park, WarwickNet will be utilising PIA (Physical Infrastructure Access); an initiative which allows WarwickNet to build high-speed broadband networks through access to BT Openreach ducts and poles.

WarwickNet also provides business-grade connections at additional sites across Leicestershire, including Dodwells Industrial Estate, Thurmaston Industrial Estate, Warren Park Way Industrial Estate and Meridian Business Park.

To find out more about how WarwickNet can support your business, call 02476 997 222 or visit