Six Solihull School sixth formers have made history by becoming the first girls to have gone all the way through the school since it became fully co-educational in 2005.

The girls, who joined the Junior School aged seven or eight, were the trailblazers of the new system, which had previously only taken girls in the sixth form.

Headmaster David Lloyd said: “We are extremely proud of these girls and all that they have achieved. Since girls first arrived in the sixth form in 1973, coeducation at Solihull has been an unrivalled success and equality in every sense runs through our veins.”

Two of the six pupils, Head Girl Leticia Salmon and Lydia Stephens, have been awarded Oxbridge conditional offers this year. Leticia said: “Despite the small numbers of girls at the beginning I never felt out of place. Solihull has always felt welcoming and inclusive – Mr Thomas in Junior School started a girl’s football, cricket and tag rugby club. We felt invincible!

“I never saw the gender gap between us, and looking back I was quite impressed that an old boys’ school has accommodated girls so successfully,” she said.

Student Holly Krober said: “There was so much focus and attention on the girls when we joined, so there was pressure on us to do well. It was fun, however, having so few girls because we bonded really well, and the school gave us many great opportunities. Solihull School was so welcoming and friendly and I’ve really enjoyed my 11 years here.”

The Headmaster added: “The world is a diverse place and our three tenets; ‘ambition, opportunity and community’ provide our aims and create our route map for the future. I am very proud of what we achieve here.”