An international manufacturer of high performance flexible hose and ducting products has improved its customer service thanks to an upgrade in broadband capabilities.

Norres Schlauchtechnik GmbH, a German organisation which houses its UK headquarters in Leamington’s Heathcote Industrial Estate, changed its internet supplier following a history of slow speeds and poor connections.

Now supplied by Coventry-based WarwickNet, the company has seen a dramatic difference since making the switch a week ago.

Scott Hosten, internal sales manager at Norres, said: “Connectivity is central to our business – both internally with our employees and externally with our customers. It is the basis of the majority of our communication so we simply could not continue to operate with the service we were receiving prior to making the switch.

“The service provided by WarwickNet has been exceptional. The team has gone above and beyond to ensure that we were set up correctly and able to provide excellent customer care – something which will remain critical as we look to introduce new products and features to our current range.”

WarwickNet has installed three fibre-enabled cabinets at Heathcote Industrial Estate – each providing broadband download speeds of up to 100Mbit/s.

Thomas Smith, business development manager at WarwickNet, said: “We aim to provide struggling businesses at out-of-town locations with the facilities needed to compete on a level playing field with their inner-city counterparts and I’m thrilled to hear that the team at Norres had such a positive experience.”