Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire has undergone a dramatic connectivity transformation since management of the campus-wide network was taken over by WarwickNet back in August 2013.

By using a mixture of technologies, a wide range of connectivity solutions have been made available to the 70 businesses on Stoneleigh Park: from superfast broadband up to 100 Mbit/s to gigabit leased lines.

To date, WarwickNet has helped more than 75 per cent of the organisations operating from the site to speed up their connections – a major part of the science park’s strategy to become a centre for rural sciences, sustainability, innovation and business.

Colin Hooper, estates director at Stoneleigh Park, said: “Back in 2013, the park’s tenants were suffering from critically low broadband speeds. Following a competitive tender process, we appointed WarwickNet to supply a high-quality, cost-effective service and have been extremely impressed with the results.

“WarwickNet has listened to our customers and provided them with tailored solutions which suit each of their needs – allowing Stoneleigh Park to once again become an internationally-renowned centre for agriculture, rural, business and science innovation.”

Ben King, CEO at WarwickNet, said: “There are a huge variety of businesses operating from Stoneleigh – incorporating everything from the Association of Drainage Authority to the National Farmers’ Union.

“In order to provide every organisation with the capabilities they require we deployed fibre-to-cabinet, fibre-to-premises, sub-loop unbundling and vectoring. We’ve received extremely positive feedback from all of our customers and will continue to work with the remaining organisations to find the best solutions for their businesses.”