A Solihull pupil who went to the aid of a stroke victim has been to Buckingham Palace to meet Princess Anne in recognition of her actions.

Leticia Salmon, head girl at Solihull School, an independent co-educational school, founded in 1560, was there to attend the Young Achievers Reception, an annual event primarily for St John Ambulance cadets who have made outstanding contributions to society using first aid training.

It was the second time the event had been opened up to cadet forces (CCF and ACF) who shared similar first aid training and experiences, and five cadets were nominated to attend for having rendered first aid in praiseworthy circumstances.

These included Leticia, a sergeant in Solihull School’s CCF, for her quick thinking when a major suffered a stroke during a white water rafting trip, part of a CCF expedition to Kenya.

Having quickly identified the signs of a stroke, Leticia called for additional assistance from other boats and then looked after the major who was then rushed on a two-hour trip to a hospital in Nairobi. Lt Col Richard Ayres, who was in charge of the overall expedition, said she was ‘a credit to her family, the CCF and her school’.

“For me, being recognised is not about me. It is about recognising the importance of first aid and the need for everyone to receive training – especially as I know that so many young people perform similar acts that go unacknowledged” she said. “Princess Anne took the time to speak to each of us individually, particularly the cadets from the CCF or ACF who had put first aid into real life practice.”