You can’t rush a good wine, but when it comes to full-bodied, high-speed Internet connection to service website-browsing connoisseurs on the other side of the world, you cannot afford to lose your bottle.

Solihull-based Frazier’s Wine Merchants, a family-run and boutique wine wholesale business that has seen five generations of Fraziers at the helm, has reported a record year in 2015, due in part to improved customer service afforded by a 100 per cent reliable broadband connection at their bonded warehouse in Stirling Road on Cranmore Industrial Estate.

The company, one of the biggest suppliers of Bordeaux wines both in the UK and around the world, had suffered years of unreliable connectivity before deciding to switch to Midlands-based ISP WarwickNet.

The company specialises in lower volume, ‘first time right’ service because bulk wines do not travel so well, according to William Frazier, managing director of Frazier’s, who said:

“We needed consistent service because we get orders for our unique specialist wines from all over the UK and the rest of the world, including as far away as Australia. Our customers are looking for something specific or something special that they cannot get anywhere else. Our customers are not necessarily rich people, they are anyone who appreciates a good quality handmade wine. So, if we don’t have reliable broadband, we cannot offer a reliable service.

“Fortunately 2015 proved to be a good year for us as we now have 100 per cent reliability. We had a great Christmas – 10 per cent up on last year – and we are looking to continue to grow our customer base and sales.”

Mark Hitchcock, senior business development manager for WarwickNet at Cranmore, said: “Frazier’s was a typical case of a long-established small family business having to tolerate poor service broadband.

“Last year we installed a superfast broadband connection and the business has not reported any issues to us at all – I think all the businesses on Cranmore estate will raise a glass to that!”