A former pupil at Solihull School has swapped his studies for a career in chocolate.

Joseph Vaughan (16) left school in the summer after sitting his GCSEs to embark on a career as a chocolatier with a shop on the High Street in his hometown Knowle.

And this week his old school chums dropped in at 1683 Chocolate Place to sample some of his goodies.

Joseph’s interest in making chocolate started when he was on a chocolate making course his mother bought him for his 14th birthday. “Matching different chocolate from all over the world to differentflavours is really exciting and I am constantly trying to develop new combinations. It has endless possibilities and that is what makes it so much fun,” he said.

His former headmaster David Lloyd said: “We try to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in the school and we are delighted that Joseph has followed his dream and set up his own business. We wish himevery success.”

And the verdict from his school mates: yummy!