28 July 2015

A promiscuous Peacock has caused feathers to fly at Hatton Shopping Village after attacking reflections of himself in shop windows and shiny customer cars at the rural retail destination.

Percy usually has a free rein to roam around Hatton Adventure World and shopping the village as part of the countryside-themed attraction, but his strutting – caused by his ‘need to breed’ during the summer months – has ruffled a few feathers.

Hatton Adventure World manager Richard Craddock, said: “Visitors love Percy, he is very much part of the experience here, but he thinks his reflection is a rival and this has meant that he has caused some damage to vehicles. So, reluctantly after discussions with our insurers, we are keeping him in his generous pen when the public are here during the months of July, August and September.”

But help is at hand and the pecking order restored as Hatton staff have provided Percy with a girlfriend – Pricilla, who has already had a calming effect upon the seven-year-old of the preening pugilist.

“She has been really good for him and calmed him down,” said Richard.

“People can still see Percy during the summer months, but it will be in his pen, but he is happy and calm now Pricilla is around. He will be back out when the autumn comes and he is a little more placid.”