22 July 2015

A Leamington dentist is warning of the dangers of mouth cancer and encouraging Warwickshire residents to ensure that they are checked for lumps as part of their routine appointments.

Rob Morgan, director at Space Healthcare and a lecturer in dentistry at Birmingham University, believes that dentists should be doing more to combat the deadly disease, which has seen the number of cases grow by a third over the past decade.

He said: “When you visit the dentist, your teeth are obviously the primary concern but every check-up should also include a thorough investigation into the early warning signs for mouth cancer.

“At our Leamington clinic, we check every patient for lumps and ulcers in the gums or glands. We also make sure to keep an eye out for bleeding, numbness and persistent pain in the mouth as these can all be tell-tale signs.

“While every dentist should be carrying out these checks at every examination appointment, it is our understanding that this is not common practice in every surgery and so would urge patients who are not receiving this standard of care to speak up.”

More than 60 million people a year are diagnosed with mouth cancer in the UK, but early detection leaves sufferers with a 90% survival rate. A recent survey by the Mouth Cancer Action Group showed that almost half of the population believe investing in dentistry would help to reduce the progression of mouth cancer.

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